milleniousjade (milleniousjade) wrote,

ca c'est merd

well just wanted to say goodbye to anyone who actually takes the time to read this..
Im so tired of playing games with people and being blown off its stupid and im worth more than just a min of someones time to tell me their busy.Its matter not now I have given up on the furry community or well furry get together wait that doesnt happen either...hmm i mean furry online place where people are registerd but no one gets together at least not in H suck asss town.I should have left this stupid state/country along time ago silly me for still trying to believe in people..... anyways
Im out no fowarding addess or number is being left and im deleting this and my lonestarfurs user.
for any one who really wants to get in touch there are a few people here and there that have my number you can get it that way if not i prolly didnt want to talk to you anways :)
well see your from the top!!

Jade is OUTT!!!!
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