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Been a Long time..have I learned anything?

Wow...been so long since I posted here.I looked back and sadly...not much as changed.Im still hurt and angry and it affects everyone I love so dearly....Im really sorry for what Ive been putting everyone threw.I am just really scared..My mom hasnt been in the best of health and she the only family I have.My biggest fear is being alone and its hard to deal with the fact that my number one fan isnt going to always be around for me..My mom is the world to me yet she could be not here at anytime.I love all of you that has been there for me RD,pyruss,elizabeth,Ludwig,Alex C.You guys are some of the best friends anyone can wish for and I thank god for you every day of my life..Its just I have been hurt and burned alot by people in the past.and I try not to carry that with me but im just so scared of being hurt or rejected again and I know you guys wont but Its hard to feel one way on the inside and look another on the outside.

I know Im diffrent but somtimes I just want to fit it and hangout but I dont have much to say because Ive been in the business world so long I've Kinda forgotten to just relax and not read so much into going to really work hard on that and im sure a few other things that I could use to work on.Just dont forget that im trusting you with the one thing that I dont let many get to know or even offer..and thats my heart.Its not a whole lot but thats what i have to give.
Inside Im a nice person and I love everyone yes,even SOME black people lol
and im sorry that you havnt gotten to see me at my best recently but thats about to change.Just please bear with me and give me type to cope with some of the stuff im dealing with and be there for me if you can please and I promise to be there for you also always and as much as I can.

Starting today I hope to be a better person and better friend and I hope that all of you will stick around and find out the real me and what Im really about..I have alot of love and wisdom to share I hope you will take it..?

Millenious Jade
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