milleniousjade (milleniousjade) wrote,

Movin On

Its been a long journey this year but all is well so far.
I have gone back to my former self so to speak.I retaught myself to be self sufficent as far as friends and company.I nolonger really have any desire to hang out with anyone.
Im not saying this to be an asswhole but everyone is always "busy" and thats cool but when im actually busy then people get mad because they never see me.No more of me calling to hang out.I am proud of myself in my recent accomplishments.
I finished writting 6 previously written songs and have written about 12 on my own plus I wrote my first song in spanish today called En Esta Vida (the latin pray)
Life has been hard alone but i am coming threw it.No by no means am I outta the storm im in but I treading ahead nicely at a smooth pace.God has been as he always has for me
here unlike soo many others.Life for me is going to be great no matter the good or bad that may come.Too bad alot of people arent going to be apart of my success but
"c'est la vide".anyways I hope to the one or two if that people that might read this find themselves well and in good company.

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