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always just a nigger

so my friend tells me today that he finally figured out why his mom has been such a sharp nail in his side lately.Its because he has a black friend she says and it looks bad on the community.So we just have to make sure to hang out after work late nights...
I tried so hard not to be offended but how could I not?
I was just judged by the standers and apperance of a community that I try relentlessly not to associate with.
I dont like big rims rap music sagging pants ebonics slang living in the ghetto...
and still no matter how much I fight in the end what does it matter just a dumb colored boy.
I try not to hate the american black community but its not fair that just go run a muchus and I get the back lash.I try to loove everyone.Im the first to tell you whatever makes u happy do it as long as it doesnt hurt others but I get that backfired on me eh? heh yea fuck it
I dont mean to rant and rave but wow this stab comes at a bad time.
I havnt reccouperated from my band mates ditching me and gas being high business being slow and its one more thing to hurt me...
Im sorry to those that read this.This is mostly unlike me but I had to vent somewhere so that I wouldnt burst in to tears on my way home..
Anyways I hope you find yourself well
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