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Is That All There Is?

Cst La Vide

4 September 1984
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Hi Im Millenious Jade maritimus.Usually just go by Jade.
You've all have coxed me into get an LJ lol.
I am 20 like all sorts of thing I am a furry a 8ft non-antrho polar bear from norway.In RL im 6'3 about 240+ im abig guy but thats just means there is more to love and more of me to love ya ;) lol. My biggest hobbies/intrstes are Music-playing piano writting songs Cars-talking spectation driving you name it as far as cars. and Fashion-shopping and design of clothing and their progression.I love jazz music going out with friends to do rangdom things umm road trips and hanging out and about around the town.I also like going to live shows coffy shops not just for coffy you know ;).I have recently been working on getting back into school and making more new friends trying to finish my album.as far as me I would rather watch movies at home than going to the theatre and dont really like going to clubs or bars unless im supposrting one of my best friends thats is a "female impersonater.(however spelt)im not sure what else to put here but feel free to drop me a line if you know me or not.I love metting new people and making new friends.anyways i hope not to dissapoint lol