milleniousjade (milleniousjade) wrote,

I'M Alright..

Well the meet didn't turn out as successful as I planed but 1 of 2 isn't bad.
the crazy part is someone that abandoned the meets in the first place had the nerve to come and tell me his 2 cents about abandoning the meet and trying to change things for the better.Funny how the pot loves to call the kettle black.Besides that I just read about my friends spikes grandad and that made me sad because they are the type of people that lord forbid something happened to them you really miss.Nice simple kind generous people that are a reminder of the true and original American dream.
An America that no one has seen in decades but they had the privilege and honer to live threw and some even serve for.These are the people that I admire and write my songs for..even hope to see at my shows.The era of the true good old american is coming to a close and to the people such as him and many other that have managed to serve all this time I thank you and salute you.Come to think of it reminds me of my parents also...
Spike you are and your family are in my prayers
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